Thursday, December 05, 2013


Work leaves me behind-hand this week, and possibly next, so blogging may be spotty. Today, though, I've at least got this photograph, kindly taken for me by rocketlass.

The book on the right? It's Carl Watkins's The Undiscovered Country: Journeys among the Dead. Well played, Bodley Head. Well played. {P.S. All three of these books--the other two being Jerry White's London in the Eighteenth Century and Emily Cockayne's Cheek by Jowl: A History of Neighbours--are quite good and well worth your time.}


  1. Nice find. I've only seen something like this once before, when I noticed something odd about the spine of my copy of Roberto BolaƱo's collection The Secret of Evil, published by New Directions. In fitting with the book's title, the designer has added devil horns to the familiar ND colophon.

  2. I love it when publishers are willing to have a bit of fun like this.