Monday, May 14, 2012

The return of the New York Moon!

After a multi-year hiatus, the New York Moon has peeped out once more from behind the clouds, this time with an issue organized around the loose theme of nostalgia. There's lots worth your attention, beyond the lovely graphic design and illustrations, including a look at Egypt through the eyes of a 1914 Baedeker Guide, a remarkable set of photos of abandoned spaces in Cairo, an analysis of the recordings sent spinning into space with the Voyager probe, and--by me--a look at one of my favorite things in all of London, the Crystal Palace dinosaurs (and, unknown to me before I started researching the article, their never-completed Central Park counterparts!).

Once you've read that issue, you might trawl the archives. The last piece I contributed to the Moon is one I'm still proud of, a commonplace bookµstyle collection of writings from travel writers, novelists, and explorers on deserts and water, for the Desert issue. The original, commissioned illustrations are themselves worth the trouble of clicking through.



  1. Nostalgia: that word changed for me when I discovered its origin in Greek: nostos, return, and algos, pain.

  2. I had the same experience, Shelley. Suddenly, rather than just feeling nostalgia, I understood it.