Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Fall is here, and, as always, it brings Fall issues!

Once you've finished packing away your seersucker and your white pants for yet another dark winter, I recommend that you hop over to the Quarterly Conversation, where the Fall issue has just been published. As usual, there's plenty of good writing there to help you while away a work week.

I'm in there writing about John Beer's The Waste Land and Other Poems, a book whose deliciously daring name was enough to make it stand out from the morass that ever threatens to claim review copies. Patrick Kurp invites fans of Kay Ryan to check out Marianne Moore, and vice versa. Carrie Olivia Adams covers Julie Carr's new book, Sarah--Of Fragments and Lines, while Ron Slate tackles Ken Chen's Juvenilia. Barrett Hathcock draws a line from John Updike to David Foster Wallace . . . via one of my favorites, Nicholson Baker. Jeff Bursey reviews Steven Moore's fascinating-sounding The Novel: An Alternate History, Beginnings to 1600.

And much, much more. Officially, you have no excuse for being bored at your desk this week.

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