Sunday, September 13, 2009

"To perhaps overgeneralize, book reviews are declarative statements; blog posts are questions."

A weekend of traveling has left me with no time to do any blogging today beyond posting a link to my contribution to the symposium on book blogging that Patrick Kurp and D. G. Myers have conducted over the past ten days.

There's little in my take on the form that will surprise any longtime readers of this blog, but it was certainly fun to have an excuse to think directly about what I hope I'm accomplishing here day after day. The other contributions--links to all of which are to be found low down in the left sidebar of D. G. Meyers's Commonplace Blog--offer plenty of pleasures: at a minimum, you should check out those of Mark Athitakis, who contributed the quote I used as this post's headline, and Patrick Kurp, who draws on poet David Ferry to remind us that "writing / Is a way of being happy."

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