Monday, September 15, 2008

Anyone else in Chicago feel like we've been plunked down in "All Summer in a Day"?

To get Ray Bradbury's grim short story off my mind, and to close out this rainy, rainy, rainy weekend, some lists (with all appropriate apologies to Sei Shonagon).

Things that are in no way resistant to--let alone proof against--water

1 The right member of the pair of shoes I chose to wear on a walk to the sandwich shop.

Things that once were Crispi but now most certainly are not

1 A Chicken Sandwicu left forlorn on the sidewalk during the two rainiest days in Chicago history.

Things which, though they might have stayed dry, instead got wet

1 My face, upturned along with my umbrella, to espy a V of passing geese.
2 My right sock.

Hard-to-find Parker novels by Richard Stark which, having miraculously appeared on my desk at the office, seem to be exactly what I needed to distract me from the monsoon

1 Deadly Edge
2 Slayground

What Parker would have to say about the incredible amount of rain that's fallen this weekend.

1 . . .

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