Thursday, June 26, 2008

The Moon is not only beautiful . . .

{Photo by maura, used under a Creative Commons license.}

In The Box from Japan Harry Stephen Keeler refers to the moon a couple of times as "that cheerful satellite," which reminds me that I've not yet recommended you take a look at the New York Moon, a beautifully designed online magazine that is published with the advent of every other full moon and covers a different topic--in some way connected to New York--in each issue.

The May/June "Neighborhood" issue offers--along with music, sketches, and drawings--an ingenious trash map of the city and an interactive map of the elusive Sixth Borough, with notes reminiscent of Italo Calvino's Invisible Cities (and its wondrous forebear, the Travels of Marco Polo).

As posting is likely to be light over the next few days, what better time to put on some Les Paul and Mary Ford and while away some hours gazing at the Moon?

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