Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Four more ten-word reviews, along with a belated credit.

As I wrote the batch of ten-word reviews I featured in a recent post, I had a nagging sense that I had seen someone taking that exact approach to reviewing recently. I didn’t remember where, though, so I credited the closest model I could recall, Michael Atkinson’s money-shot movie reviews.

On reading my post, Ed Park, proprietor of, among other blogs, the revealingly named Ten Word Reviews, demonstrated his magnanimity: rather than taking me to task for stealing his idea, he invited me to join the Ten Word Reviews roster! So, with apologies to Ed for forgetting his influence in the first place, I’ve gladly joined that blog and will be posting occasional review of non-book items.

Books, however, being this blog’s bailiwick, one more brief batch of ten-word reviews is in order, this one picking up recently read books that I inexplicably left out of the earlier roundup.
Rumpole’s curmudgeonly arrogance tends to charm or irritate. I’m charmed.

Magnet for haplessness Dortmunder steals one diamond six *#@#^&* times!

Parker's in Palm Beach. He ain’t there for the sun.

Who knows Matt Murdock is Daredevil? Everyone! Which is bad.


  1. Anonymous11:44 PM

    Hahaha... my favorite is the Daredevil review!

  2. I'm with selfdiver: Daredevil's very good.

  3. I wonder if Ryan Jackson from Powell's Books in Hyde Park in Chicago is significant. Is that name familiar to anyone around here?