Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Welcome, misguided stranger!

According to Google Analytics, back on September 16th someone reached this blog by searching for "Luna Lovegood naked."

Far more surprising: after reaching the site and, presumably, noting that it wasn't exactly what he or she had in mind, the horny Harry Potter fan visited a couple of other pages in the blog and stuck around for nearly six minutes!

Adding another level of entertainment to all this is the realization that--because the searchable Internet comes closer to speaking reality into being than anything since Genesis--the two times that "Luna Lovegood naked" has actually appeared in this post make the odds of lost, lustful souls being misdirected here in the future significantly higher.

So, prurient pilgrim, if you've reached this post in error you should know up front that there are no photos of the endearingly odd Ms. Lovegood to be found at I've Been Reading Lately. There are, however, a couple of posts about Harry Potter here, a post about depictions of sex in literature here, and even a bit of nudity--of a history painting sort--in one of the images accompanying this post.

Enjoy--if, that is, you're of age. If not, shouldn't you be reading The Prydain Chronicles or Harriet the Spy rather than doing Google searches for smutty pictures?

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