Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Warning: Open Windows Can Be Hazardous

{Photo by rocketlass, who, busy shooting, made no effort to save these children.}

It's not quite as balanced nor as terse as Felix Feneon's writing, but this bit from Gary Indiana's Gone Tomorrow (1992) did bring to mind the casual violence and viper's sting of Feneon's Novels in Three Lines:
Paul said that Hannah, after breaking up with Vale, the cameraman, resumed an old affair with a policeman, who apparently brutalzed her, beat her up all the time, the details were unclear. At any rate, out the window she went.
Meanwhile, Feneon himself--having last year been rescued from the obscurity of the pre-war French newspaper Le Matin via a Luc Sante translation of his acrid little mouthfuls published by the New York Review of Books--has this week stepped fully into our post-millennial world: he's Twittering from beyond the grave. Which seems perfect.


  1. Anonymous8:41 AM

    Ooh, love love love the photo. Does she have more like that?

  2. Glad you liked the photo, Steph. It shows a room in one of the dollhouses at the House on the Rock, in Spring Green, Wisconsin. If you click the link on rocketlass's name, it'll take you to her Flickr page, where I believe all the House on the Rock photos are either set up as a group or tagged; there are at least a couple more great photos of miniatures, though none with quite this sense of drama.